Our Community

Pueblo, Colorado

Pueblo, Colorado is the biggest, little community in Colorado.  With an estimated population close to 110,000 people, visitors are sometimes surprised by the hometown feel.  Fort Pueblo was established in 1854 near the convergence of the Arkansas and Fountain Rivers ins Southern Colorado.  The City of Pueblo was incorporated in 1870 and merged with three other towns in 1894 to become the Pueblo we know today. Because of the influence of steel, Pueblo is known as "The Steel City".  Although only a small amount of steel is still produced, the steel mill found on the south side of town is a reminder of the influence the steel industry had on our town. 


In 1953, when president Dwight D. Eisenhower was presenting the third of four Pueblo natives awarded with the Congressional Medal of Honor, he stated, "What is it...something in the water out there in Pueblo?  All you guys turn out to be heroes."  The name stuck and in 1993 Pueblo formally adopted the tagline "Home of Heroes". 


Pueblo is a town full of culture and pride.  Whether you are here for a family feel, a mild climate, outdoor adventures, a low cost of living, or access to the World Famous Pueblo Chili Festival, Pueblo is a town that, from our point of view, can't be beat.  For more information about our town, click on any of the links below.

Fun Things to do in Pueblo

  1. Lace up your skates for cool fun at the Pueblo Plaza Ice Arena.

  2. Spend some time in the historic Rosemount Museum, a 19th-century mansion with authentic furnishings.

  3. Make new friends on the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo, which hosts events and festivals throughout the year.

  4. Check out the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center, where there’s always an exciting new exhibit on display.

  5. Camp out by the scenic peaks of the San Isabel National Forest.

  6. Learn how aircraft played a key role in America’s wartime history at the Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum.

  7. Catch a glimpse of animals from around the world at the Pueblo Zoo.

  8. Put on your hiking boots and climb the St. Charles Peak Trail.

  9. Watch the Pueblo Performing Arts Guild light up the stage in a live production.

  10. Witness breathtaking views from atop Greenhorn Mountain.