Dear Pueblo City Schools Substitute Teachers and ESP (Classified) Staff,

Because your service is so highly valued in our District, Human Resources has instituted a substitute survey to give us a better understanding of your job satisfaction and engagement in our schools.  Your opinions are important to us, and this survey is your opportunity to express those opinions. Your participation in this survey is entirely anonymous.

After completeing each job assignment, please complete the substitute survey by clicking the button below or by going to

The results of the survey will help us understand:

  1. The quality of your overall experience that day in that location

  2. The climate/atmosphere at the location you subbed for that day

  3. Any changes that can be made in the system or in the building which will improve your subbing experience

  4. Whether you would be interested in professional development specifically targeted to substitutes, and what that training might be

  5. What would motivate you to sub more for PCS

Again, your participation in the survey is entirely anonymous, but is essential to making improvements that benefit both our substitutes and PCS students.

Thank you for your time in completing the survey, but most especially, thank you for serving Pueblo's children!